Instructions for ordering cakes.


Read the directions below and then just hit the “place order” button!


Fill in the order form the best you can.  Refer to the links in this form which will take you to our Blue Goose cake order guides which we have provided to help you create your order.  However, your order doesn’t have to be perfect to place this order. Once you send this order to us we will contact you back to confirm we understand how to best meet your cake occasion needs.  Even If you aren’t totally confident in the details of your order when you first order the cake you don’t need to worry – we are going to communicate with you to help you refine your order. You are in good hands!


Preferred Lead Time

We prefer to have 24-hour notice for cake orders.  If you are hoping to place an order you need in less than 24 hours we must confirm with you that we can fill your order.  Often we can accommodate requests for a cake needed in less than 24 hours but not always.


Decorating Instructions

Do your best to describe how you would prefer your cake to be decorated.  Please include any ideas you have on the following: themes, any special influence you would like us to capture, style request, picture, or cake examples.  Also please understand that a custom cake is very much a commissioned art piece. We will have to use some artistic license at times to best execute your request.  This is why we ask that you do your best to think of any special design requirements you have for the cake execution so we can best meet your wishes.


Unique Custom Cakes

If you are ordering a very unique cake (sculpted cake or unique occasion) just describe your idea as best you can and place the order.  After you place the order we’ll refine your idea and plan your cake together.


Blue Goose Standard Order Guide

Tiered Cake Guide