The Blue Goose Market, A Family Tradition

Blue Goose Market prides itself on being the finest grocery in St. Charles, offering a wide range of produce, groceries, frozen foods and fresh deli selections at competitive prices. Customers can also enjoy our new coffee bar and fresh sandwiches at our outdoor café tables. Family owned and operated for over 80 years, we continue to offer value without compromising quality as one of the best-loved grocery stores in St. Charles, Il.


What Makes Blue Goose Special?

Our Commitment To:
  • Quality food that is fresh, attractive and delicious
  • Competitive pricing without compromising quality
  • A fair wage for a fair day’s work for our family of employees
  • Treating every one of our customers as friends and neighbors
  • Supporting the Tri-City community by word and deed


Where We’ve Been And Where We’re Going

There have always been grocery stores in St. Charles, Il, but the Blue Goose Market has always been the finest grocery in St. Charles. Founded in 1928, today’s Blue Goose continues to offer quality groceries at reasonable prices. Today we are located on First Street, where you will find a generous selection of fresh produce, deli meats and cheeses, baked goods, florals, and fresh and frozen foods as well as our new coffee bar. When visiting our grocery, St. Charles residents enjoy relaxing at our outdoor café tables while sipping a latte from our new coffee bar or savoring a fresh deli sandwich with friends.

As a family-owned and operated St. Charles grocery store, the Blue Goose is one of the St. Charles Main Street Stores that are revitalizing the downtown area of our community. We are currently the oldest family-owned business on Main Street in St. Charles as well as one of the oldest Tri-City businesses, currently operated by Paul Lencioni, grandchild of the original Blue Goose.

A St. Charles Grocery Store With A Rich Family Heritage

Our family store was founded by Annunciata (Nancy) Lencioni in 1928 as the Blue Goose Fruit Store, originally located on the 200 block of West Main Street. Over the years, our St. Charles grocery store has survived the Great Depression, weathered food rationing in World War II, worked with the restrictions of price controls and inflation of the 1970s and successfully competed against national and regional grocery chains. How did we do it? By never wavering from our commitment to our customers.


The Early Years Of Our St. Charles Grocery

In the 1940s, Nancy gave the Blue Goose Store to her son and daughter-in-law, Vasco and Germaine Lencioni. They moved the store to the corner of Third and Main in 1943 and expanded their inventory to better meet the needs of their customers. By 1946, a meat market was added to transform the store into a true, full-service St. Charles Grocery.

Throughout the expansion years of the 1940s, Vasco never lost sight of the founding principles of his mother and the store’s reputation for offering an outstanding array of fresh fruits and vegetables hand-selected at the Chicago produce market. He continued to visit Chicago several times a week in the small hours of the morning in order to select only the freshest fruits and vegetables for the Blue Goose.

In the 1950s, a revitalization project for the Main Street Stores in St. Charles was underway. As part of this revitalization, the family store, now called the Blue Goose Super Market, Inc., expanded and moved into a larger space at the corner of First and Illinois Streets. Opening in November of 1963, the new store was by now three times the size of Annunciata’s original fruit store. As the most modern grocery store in the Tri-Cities, it thrived. A 1968 expansion included an in-house delicatessen and kitchen, giving the Blue Goose the chance to offer freshly prepared, high-quality foods to our customers.

Blue Goose Market continued to prosper as one of the most familiar of the St. Charles Main Street Stores. In the 1980s, Vasco and Germaine began to turn over the responsibilities of the family-owned business to their children. In 1990, they retired and their son David and daughter Mary Pearson took over ownership.

Continuing to evolve as a neighborhood store and full-service delicatessen through the 1990s, the Blue Goose Market once again needed more space. In 1995, the most recent expansion was realized as we opened at our current location at First and Illinois. This $2.3 million dollar renovation included more space and a new bakery that is now one of our most popular departments.