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Summer Habits Die Hard

Monday, September 22, 2014

School days are upon the parents of the Fox Valley once again, and hectic schedules and hurried meals admittedly become standard for many of us. Adjusting to new schedules can take time, and often, important things like eating healthy can fall to the wayside… that McDonald’s cheeseburger is just so cheap and convenient and yummy… Summer habits die hard, but plain and simple, our kids NEED healthy foods throughout their day, both at school and at home. Did you know that children with healthy diets perform better in school than those with unhealthy diets? True story:  ..

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An Educated Dad

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Humility has brought me some well-bought comfort in the face of the occasional clumsy expense. For example, Father's Day is fast approaching. Without being aware, I made plans for that weekend … to be out of town. I’ll be traveling to North Carolina to attend the US Open golf tournament— yes, THE US Open. One of the most prestigious annual contest in professional golf, which, for a golf-addicted American man like myself, is. However, I nearly ruined the entire mind-blowingly cool experience. I almost booked myself to miss spending Father’s Day with my family. A ..

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